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Tatabanya is the capital city of the county, it’s located 50 km from Budapest and it lies at the foot of Kő-Hill, in the valley between Gerecse and Vértes Ranges, near motorway M1 The city lies 91 square km, is 14 km long, the number of its inhabitants is 76,000.

Archeological finds from the paleolitic and neolitic ages were preserved in Szelim Cave and in 1962 in a nearby village (Vértesszőlős) half-millon-year-old remains of a prehistoric man, "Samu" as he is known, were discovered. Before the Hungarian conquest, this region was ruled by Svatopluk Moravian prince and according to the lengends his army was defeated by the Hungarian forces led by Árpád - the monument Turul was raised to the memory of this battle and it’s the largest bird sculpture in Central-Europe and a unique feature of Tatabanya. The names of the original villages – which were unified later under the name of Tatabanya - were mentioned in early documents of the Hungarian history. After the Ottoman occupation the villages depopulated, so in the 18th century Count Esterházy resettled them. The opening of the mines brought significant changes into the life of the villages as coalmining and developing industry replaced agriculture and livestock-breeding; the leading economic sectors nowadays are: machine-manufacturing, water and stone extraction, aluminum-processing, energy-production, packing-industry.

By visiting many historic sights and buildings tourists can gain an introduction to the history of Hungary; the villages surrounding Tatabanya also offer pleasant walks to special places with friendly atmosphere; the beautiful hills of Gerecse and Vértes Ranges provide peaceful recreation for visitors who enjoy the charming simplicity of the countryside.

Hotels in Tatabanya:

Arpad Hotel*** (2800 Tatabanya, Fő tér 20.)
Sport Hotel** (2800 Tatabanya, Ságvári Endre u. 9.)
Romantik Panzio I. kat. (2800 Tatabánya, Felsőgallai út 41.)